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February 2018

Liquid Automation have been featured on the CEDIA website - an article written about the project for which we won Best Integrated Home (level 4), Best Media Room (level 3) and Best Documentation in August 2017. Click here to read the article.

September & October 2017

Through September and October, Liquid Automation had a team of 5 working in Valletta, Malta, on the world's largest sailing catamaran. The team did a refit of a system that was installed in 2007, which includes upgrades of the entire AV System, CCTV, Network and Lighting Control.


Liquid Automation is proud to announce that we won 5 awards at the 2017 Asia Pacific Cedia Awards held in Melbourne, Australia. The 5 awards were for the following categories:

Thanks to all the staff involved in these projects. Click each award category above to take you to the project we won the award for!

Cedia Professionals: Liquid Automation

See the CEDIA Asia Pacific Award winner’s page here.


Using your voice to control your automation system is a relatively new concept, but imagine being able to tell your system what you want it to do. When you walk in the door, tell the office you have arrived, and have the lights automatically turn on, the blinds lift, and even the music can turn on – all hands free.  Voice systems require a “wake-up” word or phrase to get the system’s attention. Then from there it’s all up to the system’s software and programming to find the right action for the command you have just given it.

Using a voice activated system that is integrated with your automation system can allow you to control multiple systems in your office including lighting, thermostats, access control and security systems, operate music or any other connected device for the ultimate convenience.

A voice controlled system essentially provides a virtual assistant. You can have the ability to issue voice commands to check your calendar or make a phone call for you. You speak to your system via a strategically placed microphone or using your phone system or mobile device. Amazon’s ‘Alexa’ and Google’s ‘Google Home’ voice control systems have been proven to be the best in the market at the beginning of 2018.

Alexa, controlled by Crestron, allows you start meetings and control your conference room by telling Alexa what you want to do. You can simply say “Alexa, start my meeting.” From launching a video conference to showing content on-screen, the use of Crestron and Amazon Alexa together will aid in meetings are prompt and effective.