Global Electronic Lifestyles Designer Awards 2014

February 2015

Electronic Lifestyles designer awards: Liquid Automation would like to thank CEDIA for publishing all of our 2014 international awards in the latest “Electronic Lifestyles designer awards” book. It is an honour to have our projects published alongside the leading companies worldwide. Please take the time to look at our projects on pages. Global awards: Best Special Project – Page 64 – 65 Global awards: Best Documentation – Page 92 Asia Pacific: Best Special Project Residential – Page 86 Asia Pacific: Best Project Documentation and Design – Page 86

Intelligent Energy Management

June 2014

Smart Business Magazine: As technology evolves, the need for unified communications increases, and the desire to combine resources, and establish a centralised hub for medium to large businesses is called for. There is a tapestry of options out there for specific monitoring of devices but what is required is the implementation of a total building solution to bring the various resources together in each location, creating a global view of how the business is performing, be it Crestron’s Fusion EM / Lutron’s Quantum to AMX’s RMS.

Liquid Automation’s 10 Year Anniversary

May 2014

Auckland Today: Formed by directors Stephan Goodhue and Bruce Cox in 2004, the Auckland company specialises in residential, commercial and marine automation systems, doing work for both local and international customers.

Commercial Project

Hoyts Chadstone – Melbourne, Australia

Hoyts Chadstone is one of Hoyts’ largest complexes, boasting 13 Screens including 2 Extreme screens. Hoyts have revolutionised the Cinema experience with its creatively designed entry and food & beverage areas which bring a whole new experience to the journey of watching a movie.

Liquid Automation designed, supplied and installed a fully automated lighting control system to accommodate all the creative needs of the complex, from the automated cinema lighting cues that enhance the in-cinema experience, to the creative lighting scenes in the front of house areas that bring the complex to life. Lutron Lighting’s Intelligent and robust control system makes life simple for the day to day operation of these cinemas.


Lighting Control

A Lutron Homeworks QS system was used to provide 400 circuits of controlled lighting. Lutron is the perfect solution to use in a location such as a cinema, as it is robust, reliable and provides large energy savings, which is especially advantageous for such a large commercial space.

Custom Features Include:

  • Day and Night scenes for the front of house areas that adjust light levels based on time of day to maximise lighting effects. These can also be triggered manually via a master keypad.
  • Special lighting scenes that can be manually triggered to make certain areas pop-out for unique events.
  • Full integration to the cinema projection systems to receive cues that trigger cinema lighting scenes including House Up, House Down, and Trailers lighting levels.
  • Secured “key-switches” local to each cinema that when activated, turn all room lights to full for cleaners. The system is even smart enough that if a key-switch is left on and it receives a lighting cue from the projection system, it overrides the key-switch to turn cleaning lights off ready for the next movie.
  • Integration to the commercial fire systems so as in the event of a fire all lights turn on full, and commands are sent to cinema projectors, equipment and background music systems to shut down for added protection and safety of the public.
  • Remote support for access to the systems on site for easy programming changes or troubleshooting.

Audio Distribution

Liquid Automation also provided the installation of the background audio system. There are 122 ceiling and wall speakers throughout the complex, along with 3 AV Racks that our installers fit off and commissioned.