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September & October 2017

Through September and October, Liquid Automation have a team of 5 working in Valletta, Malta, on the world's largest sailing catamaran. The team are doing a refit of a system that was installed in 2007, which includes upgrades of the entire AV System, CCTV, Network and Lighting Control.


Liquid Automation is proud to announce that we won 5 awards at the 2017 Asia Pacific Cedia Awards held in Melbourne, Australia. The 5 awards were for the following categories:

Thanks to all the staff involved in these projects. Click each award category above to take you to the project we won the award for!

Cedia Professionals: Liquid Automation

See the CEDIA Asia Pacific Award winner’s page here.

Lighting Control & Window Treatments

Environmental Controls


Environmental ControlsAutomated lighting controls are at the heart of energy efficient, green buildings. They initially cost more than conventional lighting, but can pay for themselves by managing the largest user of electricity in commercial buildings.

Thermostats manage energy use in HVAC, lighting control systems perform a similar function using daylight sensors and occupancy inputs. By connecting window shades into the system, the daylight and artificial light in each room is balanced and controlled. Commercial lighting tends to utilise discreet effects, which welcome and guide visitors through a space, and enable flexibility to alter the appearance of a space at the touch of a button.

Professional lighting design can benefit any setting and has a larger number of considerations than most residential lighting designs. Restaurant lighting needs to adapt to a variety of scenarios from bright morning breakfasts to calming and romantic evening sittings. Bar and pub lighting must also be adaptable and blend seamlessly into the surroundings to help convey the correct mood for all events and situations, while at the same time be hard wearing and preferably low maintenance.

Lighting control systems come in a variety of complexities – anything from controlling the light in simple venues with only a few lighting scenes to large and complex multi-use spaces, incorporating audio visual systems, air conditioning and illumination.

Window Treatments

In order to achieve the right balance of design and efficiency in each room, you need to be able to control the light that surrounds you. Liquid Automation’s shading solutions allow you to control sunlight with speed and precision. The benefits are numerous and achieved with the simple touch of a button:

  • prevent harsh UV rays from damaging expensive furnishings
  • reduce glare that can reflect off screens and controls
  • reduce heat gain in a space, thereby lowering cooling costs
  • attain instant privacy from the outside

Liquid Automation’s shading solutions include roller shades, drapery track systems, skylight shades, and beautiful fabrics to enhance the décor of any space.

Automatic System Health Monitoring

The Health of your system is monitored constantly and should for any reason any piece of equipment fail, the system will communicate the failure locally to selected devices as well as contacting Liquid Automation.

Please contact us for more details.