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Liquid Automation is proud to announce that we picked up 2 awards at the 2016 Cedia Awards held in Dallas, Texas. The 2 awards were for Best Documentation and Best Special Project for our joint commercial project with ABL Group: Helena Bay Luxury Lodge. Thanks to all the staff involved in this project. See the following links for more!

Cedia Newsletter

CEDIA America Winners: Home Technology Professionals

Cedia Professionals: Liquid Automation


Liquid Automation picked up 1 award at the 2016 Asia Pacific Cedia Awards held in Sydney, Australia. The award was for Best Special Project for our joint commercial project with ABL Group: Helena Bay Luxury Lodge. See the following links for more!

2016 CEDIA Asia Pacific Award Winners

Cedia Professionals: Liquid Automation

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EntertainmentLiquid Automation’s CEDIA award winning entertainment systems provide one simple, intuitive way to select and use any number of entertainment devices, including; radio, iPod, Apple TV, DVD, audio video server, satellite TV, digital terrestrial TV and IPTV.

Audio & Video

Audio and video is generally distributed around a yacht over a custom fibre optic or ethernet based digital media matrix. This Matrix also has the ability to distribute navigation sources and cctv and be viewed on a touchpanel or ipad.

We can make the system easily accessible by designing the touchpanel to not only have an intuitive interface, but also guide the user through the process with the addition of simple questions and prompts. This type of touchpanel design ensures ease of operation for the full-time crew and short term guests alike.

Worldwide systems

Our custom system has an extensive range of pre-loaded controls for satellite, terrestrial and digital decoders from around the world. At the touch of a button, the ship’s engineer can select the country the yacht is in, thereby selecting the correct control for that regions decoder. In addition, the radio frequency steps will change, allowing for a true worldwide capable entertainment system.

Automatic System health monitoring

The health of your system is monitored constantly. Should an amplifier, speaker or other device fail, the system will notify the failure locally to the ship’s engineer, as well as contact Liquid Automation. We can also have remote access to the vessel for worldwide support and system monitoring.

Custom screens and lifts

Liquid Automation can design and integrate many automated devices including custom TV/art work lifts to waterproof marine projection screens.

Intelligent source selection

We have the ability to adapt to specific vessel limitations and provide a seamless result for you, the end user. For example:

If there are not enough decoders for every cabin, there will be a priority order. For example, if there was a yacht with 12 TV’s and only three decoders, the priority would be:

  1. Owners (has one dedicated)
  2. Guest areas including Saloon
  3. Captain
  4. Crew areas

When the saloon selects Sat TV first, it takes sat decoder #2 and will have full control. If any other area selects Sat TV on the remote, Sat TV #2 will show as “IN USE” by the saloon, and a banner will appear on the screen over the Sat TV page, showing that the saloon has control. Local control will not be available until the saloon either switches off or selects a different source. If a crew area selects Sat TV, no “IN USE” indication will appear on any guest remotes. So if a guest selects the same decoder they will take over the control and the crew area will get the “IN USE” indication.

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