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Liquid Automation is proud to announce that we picked up 2 awards at the 2016 Cedia Awards held in Dallas, Texas. The 2 awards were for Best Documentation and Best Special Project for our joint commercial project with ABL Group: Helena Bay Luxury Lodge. Thanks to all the staff involved in this project. See the following links for more!

Cedia Newsletter

CEDIA America Winners: Home Technology Professionals

Cedia Professionals: Liquid Automation


Liquid Automation picked up 1 award at the 2016 Asia Pacific Cedia Awards held in Sydney, Australia. The award was for Best Special Project for our joint commercial project with ABL Group: Helena Bay Luxury Lodge. See the following links for more!

2016 CEDIA Asia Pacific Award Winners

Cedia Professionals: Liquid Automation

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EntertainmentThe Turnkey Solution

Working directly with you and your architect, builder and designer, Liquid Automation will transform your vision into a working reality. It begins with a thorough needs assessment covering all aspects of the environment, including analysing workflow usage patterns and other criteria. From the outset, your expectations will be managed to ensure you know exactly what your project will be like upon completion. A project manager will be thoroughly familiar with your expectations, as well as all details and timelines of the project. They will communicate with you frequently and provide regular updates as they closely monitor every step of the project from concept through to completion.

EntertainmentEnd To End Responsibility

  • Concept, estimating and value engineering
  • Design, technical and layout planning
  • Assembly and testing in our facility
  • On-site installation, system calibration and testing
  • Commissioning
  • Warranty and training

Engineering and Documentation – the complete package

Following a needs assessment, and an estimating and value engineering study, we will determine a cost-effective budget. Our in-house specialists will create connectivity and block diagrams, facility plans, technical drawings and other necessary documentation.

Programming – an in-house technical service

EntertainmentFew audio/visual design/build firms boast an in-house programming department. At Liquid Automation, we create our own macros and write custom code so your audio/visual devices and GUIs are intuitive and user-friendly. Having a dedicated programming department allows us to expedite the tailored solutions that have built our reputation for excellence.

Staging, Fabrication and Assembly – carefully choreographed to eliminate delays

We will acquire the equipment best suited to your needs. We then assemble the equipment racks and wire for testing in our facilities. This carefully choreographed process minimises on-site delays and delivers a system primed and ready for smooth installation.

Installation by Professionals

Our CEDIA qualified technical installers manage the on-site equipment installation and video calibration processes. Following installation, our specialists will test your system end to end to ensure it meets manufacturer specifications and operates as it was designed to.

Final System Commissioning and Training

Once you are totally satisfied and have signed off on the installation, we will train you and/or your staff (if relevant) and provide you with operation manuals and a handy quick-start reference guide.


Liquid Automation stands behind the quality and excellence of their design/build projects. We provide system warranty from commissioning for a full year, even if the manufacturer’s warranty calls for a shorter duration.

Local Weather Displayed on Touch Panels

EntertainmentThe addition of real-time weather information for your location, fed from the internet, provides valuable information before you step out the door. The display shows current weather conditions (rain, snow or even sunshine) and the temperature, allowing you to adjust your outer layers accordingly.

Automatic System Health Monitoring

The health of your system is monitored constantly. Should an amplifier, speaker or other device fail, the system will notify the failure locally as well as contacting Liquid Automation.