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Liquid Automation is proud to announce that we picked up 2 awards at the 2016 Cedia Awards held in Dallas, Texas. The 2 awards were for Best Documentation and Best Special Project for our joint commercial project with ABL Group: Helena Bay Luxury Lodge. Thanks to all the staff involved in this project. See the following links for more!

Cedia Newsletter

CEDIA America Winners: Home Technology Professionals

Cedia Professionals: Liquid Automation


Liquid Automation picked up 1 award at the 2016 Asia Pacific Cedia Awards held in Sydney, Australia. The award was for Best Special Project for our joint commercial project with ABL Group: Helena Bay Luxury Lodge. See the following links for more!

2016 CEDIA Asia Pacific Award Winners

Cedia Professionals: Liquid Automation

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Access Control

Keyless locks and biometrics add physical security and control to your business.

Remote controlled doors and gates have a digital lock that allows everyone to have a unique key. The key can track when that person entered the building and control what access they have to certain areas at certain times. When they leave the company you can simply delete the key.

Automated gate openers with whisper quiet operation can be linked to your telecommunications system. When a visitor presses the intercom button at your gate, the phone will ring and a monitor screen will show the view from the camera at the gate. You can then press a button to allow the visitor entry to your building or property.

Automatic System Health Monitoring

The Health of your system is monitored constantly and should for any reason any piece of equipment fail, the system will communicate the failure locally to selected devices as well as contacting Liquid Automation.

These are just a few examples of the possibilities for securing your premises with sophisticated automation technologies. Please contact us for more details.